"The world suffers a lot. Not because of the violence of bad people, But because of the silence of good people!" - Napoleon

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Sunday, February 2, 2014


This never-ending saga of Deniece Cornejo and Cedrick Lee and Vhong Navarro has been dominating the social networks for quite sometime now. The main issue has shifted from "kawawa naman si Deniece/Buti nga sa yo, Vhong" to "Sinungaling yang sina Deniece at Cedrick/Kawawa naman si Vhong". We've seen the CCTV footage and the NBI was firm in saying that a rape is quite impossible. Someone or some people are not telling the truth. 

Let's review this video before we proceed.

How would you know if a person is lying? Do you believe that a liar cannot see you in the eye? Here are some tips on how to tell if someone is not being truthful.

1. Pay close attention to micro-expressions in the face. 

These expressions are hard to control and hide and the liar may or may not know that she has them. Although these clues are hard to detect, you may be able to spot a liar by the gush of red color on her cheeks since anxiety causes blushing. Also, watch out for flared nostrils, lip nibbling, deep breathing, and rapid blinking - all hints to a brain that works overtime. Sudden elongation of the nose does not count.

2. Note the fit between face, body, voice, and speech. 

An animal that wants to avoid detection keeps its movement to a minimum and try to appear smaller. So aside from facial expressions, examine posture, body, and voice. A liar may pull his arms and legs inward and shove his hands behind his back for fear that those fingers might give them away. There is a change in voice also. Nose-scratching is a subtle clue. Remember Bill Clinton's 88 touches on his nose while being questioned about Monica Lewinsky? Strange behaviors are normal among liars.

3. That smile.

Aside from facial movements, notice how a person smiles. You can detect a person's true feelings and emotions that she is trying to hide by the way she smiles. A genuine smile incorporates both lips and eyes. A tight smile that doe not reach the eye is a give away.

4. Watch for that change in speech rate.

A change in voice is a clue to spot a liar but to be sure, pay attention to a person's speech rate and breathing pattern. It could either speed up or slow down in an effort to hide the truth.

5. Notice how they phrase their statements.

Liars tend to avoid "but," "nor," "except," and "whereas" because they have trouble with complex thought processes. They are also less likely to use "I", "me," and "mine". They use fewer personal pronouns to distance themselves psychologically from their untrue stories.

6. Check the eyes.

It is normal for someone to look away when asked a difficult question but when someone avoids your eyes even your question is so simple, it's about time to get suspicious. A person who moves his eyes up and to the left is thinking up or constructing a lie visually. If sideways and to the left, he is constructing or thinking up a lie orally.

People who lie often will maintain uncomfortable eye contact. They will look you in the eyes for 70% or more of the conversation. Normal is 50%. A person's blink rate will also increase dramatically during long periods of lying.

7. Check the arm and hand movement. 

Here are some movements associated with dishonesty: hands clenched, picking imaginary lint, arms crossed, hands in pocket, excessive palm displays, placing a purse or something between two people communicating, and rubbing the neck.

So, are they lying?


  1. sinungaling yang dalwang yan. kitang kita sa cctv. ang kapal nila at gumawa pa ng demanda na halatang fabricated!

  2. scientific ba naman ang mga tips na yan?

  3. merong series na ganyan eh, yung Lie To Me. it presents yung mga said tips above at elaborate pa dun sa microexpressions. and yes it is scientific.mas credible pa to minsan kesa sa lie detector.


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