"The world suffers a lot. Not because of the violence of bad people, But because of the silence of good people!" - Napoleon

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Friday, February 17, 2012


Actor/Director Ricky Rivero of ABS-CBN was stabbed inside his home in Quezon City by an alleged friend. I assume they were close friends because he allowed this friend to sleep in his house. He did not suspect that he will one day find himself driving to the hospital with stab wounds. Who is the perpetrator? A friend he met in Facebook.

I don’t want anyone in my friend list to end up stabbed or beaten or robbed or kidnapped. Here are some words of caution so we will not attract criminals through our Facebook account: 

  1. Do not post pictures of your jewelry collection, gadgets, appliances, and other items that are hot hot hot to a thief’s eyes. It will give the impression of how rich and moneyed you are (unless you really want to brag). 
  2. Do not post pictures of the outside and inside of your home and of your room. It is as if you are giving the thief a map of your territory. I have some friends who post pictures labeled with “this is my house in Tagaytay”, “this is my rest house in Coron”, “this is the hallway leading to my room”, “this is the altar outside my room”, “this is our dining room”, "that's our gate", etc. You're giving a virtual free tour for the robbers! 
  3. Do not post a picture of your car showing its plate number or any identifying marks. You don't know who might get interested and "borrow" your car.
  4. Do not reveal the name of your dogs. The thief will call Blackie and Poochie and hand them some bones and presto, no more barking. I hope the thief will not poison your pets. 
  5. Do not give a blow by blow report of your location and itinerary especially if you are living alone. The thief might sneak in to your house because he knows that you are in Divisoria rummaging through second hand clothes or you are in Starbucks for that cappuccino.
  6. Do not accept friend requests from people that you do not know personally. Facebook will not give an award to the one with the most number of friends. 
  7. Do not use your full name in Facebook. Do not display every single detail about you. The opportunist might find his way to your email, to your bank account, and to your home. I'm sure you have heard of stolen identity. 
  8. Do not post your home address and landline in your wall. Someone might call and learn from the maid that you do not come home until 1 am. 
  9. Do not let Everyone see your family pictures especially of your little kids. 
  10. Check your privacy setting. How much are you revealing? 
  11. Never ever accept an eye ball invitation from a stranger.
  12. That selfie. What things are shown with you in that selfie? An expensive gadget? A precious jewelry? Anybody can get interested.
  13. As much as possible, avoid discussing personal stuff in the comments section of your photos and posts. You might be dropping clues for criminals.

I hope these tips will be of help. Feel free to add some more.

Be safe.


  1. thanks for the reminders. will keep them in mind.

  2. teh, thanks sa post mo na to ha. dami kong napulot. grabe yong friend ko lahat ng sulok ng haus nila may pix. dami din kasing mayayabang sa mundo.

  3. kaya nga po House of Representa thieves eh

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  5. Be careful of the pictures you post on the net. Hackers can get at your personal details with it. http://kyeos.wordpress.com/2013/05/10/warning-if-you-take-photos-with-your-cell-phone/


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