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Friday, February 14, 2014

FORTUN ON CEDRIC KISSING DENIECE: "Naahhh hindi sila mag-syota."

"good, you saw it too. CL was forcing himself."

-Attorney Raymond Fortun

Alam kong hate na ng iba ang topic na ito. Cheap nga daw sabi pa ng iba. Pero para sa akin, nakakaaliw lang. I take it as a chance to learn about the intricacies of law. I am following Atty. Fortun's fb posts and I learn a lot from his topics. I can't help but marvel at his guts in answering almost all questions, anti or pro, in shielding his ward, Cedric Lee, and in standing by his oath as a lawyer. Foremost, he is a lawyer-teacher kaya I am drawn to him in a way.

So there's a new CCTV footage released by NBI and broadcasted by ABS-CBN news programs. Cedric was seen kissing Deniece inside an elevator in the presence of some companions right on their way up to the condo unit occupied by Deniece. It happened after coming from the police station.

Syempre, as Cedric's spokesman, Atty Fortun, via his fb account, replied to those who asked for his opinion regarding the kissing scene inside an elevator. It's really a one-man team versus a media giant. 

So to make the long thread short, andito, sinummarize ko ang thread. I have personal questions and hopefully, masagot nya. Madami syang points na naraise na wala pa sa news. One, he still denies na may relasyon sina Deniece at Cedric. Hindi sila magsyota. Two, Cedric forced himself on Deniece in the act of kissing her. Now, that raises more questions than answers.

So for those who are following this issue, read on. I spared you from sifting through the lengthy thread. 

On the video itself

"Maybe it's just me, but it looks like the girl didn't even want to be kissed. Others will think otherwise. What matters is, again, what I PERSONALLY KNOW. I have met with DC and CL in a meeting and over dinner. Di ko nakita nor naramdaman na close sila. For me, this is another non-issue because it does not prove or disprove the parties' version of events that night."
"This network considers 2 kisses on the cheek as "passionate"? I wonder what a regular kiss to them is. I wonder what adjective they will describe for Vhong Navarro's admission that he got a blowjob from DC." 

Question: Atty, kung sakaling sabihin sa korte ng kalaban nyo na nakita nila sa video na si CL ay "passionately" hinahalikan si DC... mag oobject po b kyo? If yes, why?
"I would object to the use of the word "passionately" then I would pull out the definition from the dictionary. Then I would pull my wife and kiss her in a passionate manner to prove my point. I expect to be sustained by the judge."

Question:  Atty, how about the 1st public statement of CL? It contradicta the cctv footages.. how will it affect the case?? 
"first public statement of CL that they are just friends? As I said, it seemed that the girl didn't even want to be kissed. CL didn't even embrace her, nor did she embrace back. So... The kisses on the cheeks aside, it didn't affect the case."

Question: Sir does it mean na hindi kayo naniniwalang may nangyaring rape?
"I will not back down on what I had said when this issue came out. I said "it would be DIFFICULT for rape to occur in 1 minute""

Question:  attorney, matanong lang...hypothetical question, kung sakaling may namamagitan nga kay CL at DC, anong gagawin nyo?
"I have spoken to CL about this CCTV. YOU think it is more than a friendly kiss. Maybe, but the girl did not kiss back, nor did she even hold him. If the girl does not kiss back, what does that tell you, sir? Humalik Ka sa babae pero di Ka hinalikan, Ang Ibig sabihin nun ay "BASTED KA," di po ba? Nothing in this video has made me infer that they had lied to me when they said that hindi sila mag-syota."

(DulzSpeaks: So you have spoken to CL about this CCTV. What did he say? What you related above is your opinion, and not a statement from CL. Di ba ang nababasted ay manliligaw? Shall we take it as a hint that Cedric is a suitor of Deniece?)

Question: baka nahiya lang po si DC kaya hindi man lang humawak or nagkiss back? may ibang tao pa kasi sa elevator..
"that's probable. We can all speculate the possibles when the cameras and people are not there. But as someone here said, the video is "inconclusive" of a relationship because the girl swung her face away when she was being kissed, and did not even hold the guy. Next issue, please."

Question: Ask natin sa wife ni CL kung friendly kiss nga 'yan. Pag may nag-kiss ng ganyan sa wife mo, Atty, friendly kiss din?
"nope, I'd beat up the guy who does it. That is not the point. People here said that this is proof of a relationship and, thus, they lied. Sorry, people, a one-sided kiss (with the girl not kissing back) is NOT proof that they have something going."

Question: Swung her face but was kissed twice? Ayus ahh
"that is another unfair statement. Kung di sinampal, nagustuhan na? She swung her head away TWICE! She didn't grab him.
 "As my wife Carole Fortun can confirm tonight.... If I saw that I was lied to tonight, I would have resigned as his spokesman first thing tomorrow. But the way that the girl avoided the kisses? Naahhh hindi sila mag-syota."

Question: Hindi sila mag syota, friends with benefits lang. What it shows is CL has something more than friendship on DC. Kung "basted" siya, all the more reason for him to hate VN. VN got something on his last visit....DC would have pushed CL (ok, iba iba ang tao mag react). Atty., guys know that you can't put your body that close to a woman if your "just friends". If it was indeed a friendly kiss, DC smiling shows she's fine and no rape happened. Also, she's fine with CL's actions because she doesn't want to lose the benefits. 
"it was a very tense night (whatever version you wanna believe). They had gone to the police station, then came back to fix the unit up. Tiring and tense situation. DC had a lot of reasons to be thankful to CL. Even if she didn't like the kisses, that wasn't the best time to slap him, don't u agree? People! Think and put things in proper perspective."

Question: Sya nga pala, interpretasyon mo lang ba yan na totoong wala silang relasyon dahil sa umiwas si DC ng tinangka siyang halikan ni Cl o meron yang scientific proof. Etong mga ganitong observations (But the way that the girl avoided the kisses? Naahhh hindi sila mag-syota.) ay maiihalintulad doon sa psychologist na naimbitahang mag-interpret ng body actions nila Navarro, Cornejo at Lee.
"don't mock me. Mine was a conclusion based on a visual observation, buttressed by my own observations after spending time in a meeting and dinner with DC and CL. Unlike this psychologist, I don't judge my conclusions on a short video clip. I spoke to them, I observed them IN PERSON. So if I am shown this video and KNOWING how they are in person, I have REASONABLE BASIS to affirm that they are not mag-syota. You, on the other hand, have NO BASIS except this video. So who's making baseless conclusions, sir?"
"one last thing. That psychologist made the opinion as an "expert" but she violated the very parameters needed by an expert to arrive at a reasonable scientific conclusion. So your comparison between observations and that of the psychologist is so far off that It amounts to a mocking question intended to make you sound smart. Too bad, because I still have an explanation, justification or whatever."

Question: Atty, seeing the new cctv made me think that eventhough it's just a kiss on the cheeks.The way CL did it where he is kinda forcing a little bit to kiss DC( not sure if "forcing" is the right word) it's weird how you'd treat somebody who just went through a traumatic thing which is "RAPE" like that...Isn't it Sir? Just asking friends tayo :)
"good, you saw it too. CL was forcing himself."

(DulzSpeaks: Why on earth would CL force himself to DC???)

Question: If that's the case atty should that be considered a rape or sexual harassment? Since DC swung her face to address CL na di Nya gusto yung kiss? 
"no rape, no sexual harassment. Probably unjust vexation."
Question: Pwede rin plang kasuhan ni DC si CL kung ganon.... Ilang taon na kulong yun sir?
"1-30 days or fine."
Question: You had a dinner meeting with them, after CL claimed on national tv that they don't have a relationship, what do you expect? Of course, they'd act like they don't have a relationship. 
"I won't argue with you. They COULD be putting up an act when I met them. They would be good actors to do that. Ummm I'm sure you'll disagree naman on that."

Question:  sir, ok lang ba sa inyo halikan ang daughter nyo ng ganun ren? (let's say same age sila as DC)
"my daughter is not an issue. What I FEEL if it was somebody I love that is an issue. It neither proves nor disproves the real issues in this case."

Question: sir before u become a spokesman to CL, u once said in ur status here in FB quoted " Attempted rape? Extortion? Or a simple case of a philandering TV personality getting beaten up after being caught inside a condominium provided by a boyfriend?", u assumed already sir that they're in relationship at that time before seeing any evidence? do u still consider this theory after all of this evidence presented? im just curious sir. just my 2 cents. 
"the post was meant to incite readers to THINK. Whose version was correct? Was there another version different? And oh yes, I ALSO thought before that they were mag-syota. Who wouldn't when all the elements are there -- beautiful girl, rich Chinese guy, a condo in a high-priced area. But after I had spoken to them and observed them UP CLOSE and for a lengthy period of time, I can state that my earlier impressions were not correct."

From the relentless skeptics: 

"This footage was after they filed a blotter on Vhong but upon entering the elevator we can see that DC is smiling, I don't think anyone would have that smile if she was violated/almost violated. CL's group filed a blotter on Vhong because he attempted to rape DC but after the complaint CL is now trying to kiss DC. Why would you try to kiss a woman if you're not having an intimate relationship? Is CL trying to violate DC again just after complaining for an attempted rape? In the end that smile just confuses me, you will never have that expression if a person who you thought was your friend/kuya tried to rape you. You will not have that expression for days." 

"Atty. I still respect your opinion. No matter how thankful, pagkatapos ma "rape" or ma "semi-rape" ng isang kuya, eto naman si "Friend" nag "chancing". All in one night! What would a girl do? Smile!" 

"I would agree that they're not good actors. They're probably just experts. I mean, if ever, this ain't the first time CL had to act like there's nothing going on between him and the girl next to him right? Unlike you and me, we we're out of the market as soon as got married. But CL seems to continue making his list of girls, celebs even, longer and longer....So he need not exert an effort in convincing you that they're just friends."

An Appeal:

"Hi atty. i am still a fan. But i am utterly disgusted with what i just read and watched. I am hoping you will just back out po."

Let's see how the case will progress in the coming days.

If you want to read the entire thread, click HERE

P.S. The link to his FB thread is not working because apparently he has re-set it to Private. 



  1. Thanks Dulce for your blog. I am disappointed with this attorney. He is defending individuals that majority of the people believe are guilty of the charges based on the evidences presented. I believe that both sides have the right to be represented by an attorney. However this attorney seems to discredit all the evidences showing inconsistency of his client and tries to find an angle to focus to favor his client. Isn't this twisting the facts (which I believe this attorney will refute that he is twisting the facts)? The way he writes in his facebook account, it seems he is a very truthful, just and Godly attorney. Unfortunately, I don't believe him. It is is easier said than done. To his mind, maybe he wanted to be like that but the truth he is not. He is self righteous man who thinks he is always right. He questioned the psychologist about her expert interpretation of movements. Is the attorney an expert to question the psychologist? In his facebook wall he wrote leave it to the experts. He may be an expert on law but he is not an expert in psychology to question and even point out that that is the tipping point. Is he really fighting for the truth or he just wanted to prove he is a good lawyer that an underdog can win the case? To what he is doing right now, how can he face his Creator? Can he say to his Creator that he has been honest and a good man and attorney? Only he can answer it between Him and his Creator. Whatever the outcome of the case, whoever wins the case, there is a Supreme Being who knows the truth. If the attorney became an instrument for the dishonest to win the case, the attorney may have achieved his satisfaction of becoming the best lawyer but at the expense of his soul.

  2. hmmm when i saw the latest cctv... ang tingin ko.... inis si DC sa mga pinag gagawa ni CL that night kaya d nya pinayagan kumiss.... i think lovers talaga sila...

  3. tingin ko naman gusto nya din kaso nahihiya lang sya kasi may ibang tao sa elevator. yong actuations ni cedric hindi actuation ng isang friend lang. pagkapasok ng elevator, niromansa agad si deniece? friend lang ba yon? ilusyon lang ni fortun yong "hindi sila magsyota".

  4. this is so sad. people are not stupid at all. Atty. fortun is trying to make people look stupid. even if the truth is right in front of our eyes they will make it look like it's wrong. common sense lng naman e.... I don't know but I think large amount of money is involved kaya cguro pumayag xa imaging Atty. ni CL and how can he say na Hindi cla mag syota? just because nakausap nya for one night and nakita nya name Hindi class close he would assume that? I can evendo that to my bf kaya ko d kausapin bf ko kahit isang linggo pa. kaya ko rin umarte ng ganyan kahit Hindi ako artista. oh c'mon Atty. fortun! you can do better than that! we may not be as wise and intelligent as you, but we are not stupid!

  5. Kudos to your posting!! It's really a balanced approach and it's thought provoking for the folks out there but at the same time it's quite educating as far as the legality of the arguments is concerned.. thank you once again!!

  6. Im a fan. I look forward to reading your intelligently written but easy to understand articles.


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